Black Hills Parrot Welfare – how to provide proper care to your parrot

By Mary Colbert / March 7, 2017

Birds are highly intelligent creatures, and Myakka City is full of them. From different types of exotic birds, people usually decide to take parrots. They are a great addition to your family, but also a great joy. But, to provide them proper care, you are required to make all the necessary adjustment so that they will feel welcomed in your home. Considering that there are a large number of bird sanctuaries in Myakka City, you can also decide to adopt one, instead of buying it. Parrots can live much longer than any pet, proximally between 20 and 30 years. If you are planning to take a parrot, here is what you need to know.

Prepare your home

The first thing you should buy is a proper cage, depending on the size of the bird, you will need to choose the pen that has appropriate measures. In most cases, square or rectangular cages are the best solution. Make sure that cage has enough room for all the necessary items you plan to put inside. Parrots want to have things to keep them entertained, such as toys, but you will also need a room for water bowls and food bowls. The cage should be placed in a room which has a lot of traffic. Parrots don’t like to be bored. If you keep them isolated, they may develop serious depression or anxiety. If you have other pets, your parrot will have great fun with them.

Keep the temperature steady

The bird can tolerate a broad range of temperature, but the ideal temperature for them is between 65 and 85 Fahrenheit. You should avoid keeping your parrot in cold places, especially during the winter months. The temperature below 40 degrees can be dangerous for your bird, especially for small ones. Also, a temperature of 85 degrees can have an adverse impact on your bird; it can develop a stress. Make sure to provide an air circulation as well.

How to feed your parrot

Parrots are the birds that need a variety of diet and food that has a high nutritional value. You can always use seeds and pellets, which contain a lot of nutrients, but that should be the primary food. In addition to that, you can also use fresh fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, bananas, apples, carrots, peas and much more. Some parrots, love eating nuts and feel entertained while opening them. You should pay attention to avocado and onions, and never use them as food for your parrot because they are highly toxic.

Water container should be large enough for bathing

Parrots love to bathe, and they will usually use the water that is intended for drinking. In most cases that’s alright. But, make sure not to put inside some supplements and vitamins. Parrots drink small amounts of water, so you will never know how much did they drink. If the water is full of these supplements, it may cause bacteria to appear, which can lead to serious health problems.

Exotic Birds in Myakka City – 4 ways to preserve them

By Mary Colbert / March 7, 2017

Myakka City is well known regarding exotic birds that are living in this part of U.S. Diversity of species is vast, and many people are worried about their survival. Considering how we all have an adverse impact on our environment, their natural habitat is shrinking. There are many ways which will improve their life and help them have better life conditions. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to take this matter into consideration. But, also, there are bird lovers who will do anything to preserve then and bring awareness to others. Here are four simple ways how you can help them.

You can adopt them

You can adopt themBringing a bird into a family can bring you a lot of changes. You will need to prepare you home for them and to make some amends. But, adoption is an excellent way to preserve them from destruction. No matter what type you decide to adopt, we are sure they will bring great joy to your home, and your family will adore them. If you are first time owner, you need to learn about their lifestyle, how to feed them, learn about their behavior and their habits. They need to feel welcomed and loved. Birds are very sensitive creatures, and they can quickly die if you don’t take of them properly.

Help the birds’ sanctuaries

If you are unable to take care of them, at least you can do to provide some financial assistance to a bird sanctuary. Considering that Myakka City has a lot of them, you will have a big choice. It doesn’t matter what help you intend to provide; any kind will be most welcomed. You can donate money or decide to volunteer from time to time. All these sanctuaries have a specially designed program for people who are willing to offer help. They are nonprofit organizations which are financed from their funds and bearded dragon care community is one of the most famous.

Preserve their habitat and organize cleaning actions

Habitat plays a significant role in a bird’s life, and this is one of the main reason why many of them die. By preserving their habitat, you are helping them stay alive longer. Every citizen of this part of Florida should be engaged in their well-being, considering that these birds are one of the hallmarks. Try not to destroy the natural environment they are occupying and organize cleaning actions whenever is possible. Many people are willing to use these birds to gain profit. There are too many pet shops which are selling them now, and in some cases, it’s illegal. The state should engage in this process and monitor all illegal activities.

Educate yourself

If you are not aware of exotic birds and their way of life and you want to help them, there are many ways. First of all, you should start by educating yourself. Read, browse the web, visit seminars, try to find out as much as you can about these birds. Once you have knowledge, this will be one of the best ways to help them.