After two successful trips hauling flight material, quarantine/lab equipment and personal goods in April & May we embarked on our most important trip of all on June 13th. Moving of the 90+ remaining birds and related equipment. There are just so many people to thank for all the last minute packing, cleaning, loading, driving and so much more. Unfortunately this final trip was less than uneventful. We left with enough operating capital for 6 months, enough cash to buy and rent needed equipment and funding for all our County permits. After numerous expensive break downs (5 in all) we depleted nearly all of our reserves and turned a 3 day trip into 7 creating inexplicable stress for all of the people caring for the birds. However the birds did much better than expected, all considered.

Throughout the course of planning this relocation we were repeatedly asked WHY? This cannot be answered in one short sentence, but if I were to shorten the answer it would be. While we know that there is a need for our services in South Dakota, our daily operations have far outpaced what the community was able or willing to support. Even more exciting was the opportunity to house the birds in a much more natural environment living outside year round. Florida is also in the top three states for bird ownership and that alone will present many educational opportunities and an eventual increase in support.While there is sure to be residual benefits for us older caregivers, the decision was entirely about the birds.

Our new location is off Hwy 70 in Myakka City Florida just 17 miles east of I-75 in Sarasota/Bradenton. It is 7.5 acres with a small lake and river running through the center of the property. It truly replicates what you would see in a Costa Rican Rainforest. Once done it will have ample parking (even for events) and the birds will be spread throughout different areas of the property dictated by country origin.

Now comes the daunting task of getting projects done. At times it seems unachievable, but we know it will happen. There is land clearing, tree trimming and mowing to do. We will need to obtain our land use environmental study, building and public access permits. Build a visitors center with public restrooms and a clinic. Purchase and construct permanent flights/aviaries that will hold up to Florida weather. Extend water and power to the different areas. Build walkways and so much more before the county will even allow us to open to the public.

Some Expense Estimates

  • Used zero turn mower $1400.00
  • 6- 18X20 Flight/Aviary @ $895.00 ea = $5370.00
  • 2- 24X30 Flight/Aviary @ $1800.00ea= $3600.00
  • Permits and environmental study $8000.00
  • 3 weeks backhoe and trencher rental $2400.00
  • Utilities (Water and power lines) $1650.00
  • Visitors Center and restrooms $15000.00

While this is short list of big ticket items, there are dozens of smaller projects ranging from $200.00 - $600.00 in size. Remember donations are 100% Tax Deductible and in-kind donations such as bird food, gas/home depot cards, professional services and even the loaning of tractors or equipment are also deductible.

Our Mission

Parrot Cove Exotic Bird and Environmental Education Preserve (formally Black Hills Parrot Welfare and Education Center, Inc.) is a non profit 501 (C-3) public charity dedicated to short and long term welfare of parrots and related birds. We are promoting a quality of life for captive birds through proper housing, diet and health care. Our focus is on public education, behavior research and approved adoption.

Thousands of exotic companion birds are displaced each year simply because their caretakers can no longer provide the time or attention they require-either because their lives and interest have changed. The least fortunate unwanted birds are passed from home to home before dying from neglect or abuse. The lucky ones end up in shelters or sanctuaries. Please help us help them. Please donate today. Black Hills Parrot Welfare is incorporated with the state of South Dakota as a non profit organization and we are a 501(C-3).

Parrot Cove Exotic Bird and Environmental Education Preserve
9954 Mizell Road
Myakka City, Florida 34251

(941) 219-3688

Email us at contact@parrotcovepreserve.org